Speaker: Rev. Eric Severson

Unlocking the Power of Covenant

We will explore the UUA’s Commission on Appraisal report of the same title to consider how to cultivate and deepen our relationships with one another. We also will welcome new members!  A multi-platform service led by Rev. Eric Severson.

Dreaming Big

Join us as we explore our collective aspirations for our fellowship and celebrate everyone’s contributions of time, talent, and treasure.  A multi-platform service led by Rev. Eric Severson.

When We Fall Apart

It can be hard to accept changes when our minds or bodies no longer do what they once did. Let’s acknowledge these differences, recognize our mortality and loss, and cherish what’s still possible.  A multi-platform service led by Rev. Eric Severson.

Toward Mutuality 

Theologian Paul Tillich claimed that we human beings are, by nature, estranged from the ground of our being, from ourselves, and from one another. Join us in embracing what is possible when we move instead toward mutuality. A multi-platform service led by Rev. Eric Severson.

We Have Each Other

Join us online or in person for our ingathering service. We’ll begin reconnecting as a community with a story, a modified water communion ceremony, and a backpack blessing. COVID-19 precautions will be in place, including distanced seating, mandatory masks, and a shorter service. A multi-platform … read more.

Dare We Play?

Join us for a special joint service with the UU Fellowship of Central Michigan (Mt. Pleasant). Throughout the pandemic we have been starved for companionship. With fewer restrictions, let’s dare to restore connections and add some fun to our lives! To join the Zoom … read more.

The Bouquet of Humanity

In the closing argument of Derek Chauvin’s trial, prosecuting attorney Jerry Blackwell described witnesses as a “bouquet of humanity.” Join us in a special virtual flower communion service. We will include slides of our “bouquet of humanity,” so please submit photos of yourself (with or … read more.

Telling Our Stories

According to narrative psychology, telling our life story helps us to organize our experiences and give us a sense of self. Using principles of psychology, poetry, song, and more, we’ll examine the importance of telling our stories — to ourselves and others. Led by the … read more.

Stories Connect Us

Humans make meaning by connecting stories. Brick by brick, story by story, we build a congregation together. Join us as we tie together works by Meg Barnhouse, Christina Leone-Tracy, and others. If you would like to contribute a photo that typifies your pandemic experience, please … read more.

Myths About Myths

Myths are more than mere stories. Whether fictitious or not, they are sacred tales that help us understand the world. And yet, we’ll draw on the wisdom of Chimamanda Adichie, David Loy, and others to appreciate the need for multiple views. Led by the Rev. … read more.