Speaker: Rev. Eric Severson

Look What We Did!

Join us as we celebrate this year’s accomplishments — especially in religious education — in this final regular service of the program year. We will hear about our teens’ visits to other religious sites, receive a song from our children, recognize and thank our educators and all of our volunteers, and much more. Led by … Continue reading Look What We Did!

Beauty Calls Us Together

Join UUFoM musicians to celebrate beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community with a song cycle and readings by Kathryn Canan, Rev. Suzelle Lynch, and Ruben Piirainen. We will honor the 101st anniversary of the annual ritual begun in 1923 by the Rev. Dr. Norbert Čapek, in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Please bring flowers with you this Sunday … Continue reading Beauty Calls Us Together

“By What Grace?”

How often are we surprised by life? With and by what grace do we encounter such surprises? Join us to explore this and other sources of renewal in our lives. Led by Rev. Eric Severson.

“Curiosity and Courage”

Pluralism means encountering the many ways there are of being in the world. We can meet them with judgment and fear or with curiosity and courage. Join us in exploring a Unitarian Universalist perspective. Led by Rev. Eric Severson.

“Our Many Facets”

Over a lifetime, each of us holds multiple, often overlapping roles and identities. In the spirit of Mother’s Day, join us in celebrating the beautifully complex lives we all lead. Led by Rev. Eric Severson.

Many Voices

Life is full of singular perspectives and points of view, and yet there can be unity between and among them. Join our choir and a variety of musicians for a worship service that knits together — through music and readings — reflections on the gift of interdependence. Led by our Music Team and Rev. Eric … Continue reading Many Voices

Serving the Earth

Perhaps no holiday highlights the interdependent web of existence like Earth Day. Join us for an Aldo Leopold-inspired ecology service, with ideas on how we might help slow climate change and heal the planet. Led by Rev. Eric Severson.

“Children of Abraham: Tradition, Knowledge, and Progress”

Known as the children of the prophet Abraham, Christians, Jews, and Muslims share a rich history of religious pluralism and interdependence. As the holy days of Ramadan end and Passover begin, we will explore the traditions, knowledge and progress of Judaism and Islam, and how we might continue to support interfaith dialog. Led by Rev. … Continue reading “Children of Abraham: Tradition, Knowledge, and Progress”

“Living the Life … of a Platypus”

Join us for a fun all-ages Easter Sunday service exploring the curious life of one of only two remaining mammals that lay eggs. Led by Rev. Eric Severson and DRE Jen Page. ZOOM LINK  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/943984845?pwd=YTZUQ01RYzBXZ0hsREVNQjNZcFp2Zz09Meeting ID: 943 984 845Password: 62201162