Under the Unitarian Universalist system of congregational polity, each congregation holds the power and authority to manage its own affairs. Each congregation also is in covenant with each independent member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Our congregation has chosen to operate by a form of policy governance in which the board of trustees sets policies, vision, mission, and covenant, and oversees financial and fiduciary responsibilities with other lay leaders. The minister then oversees how we live out our mission through several ministry teams. Below are the roles of each of our committees, on the governance side.

Board of Trustees
Oversees the congregation’s operations and legal responsibilities.

Finance Committee
Oversees the congregation’s budget and financial operations.

Nominating Committee
Proposes candidates for the board and Nominating Committee.

Buildings & Grounds Committee
Oversees the congregation’s facility and property.

Endowment Committee
Oversees fund income for enhancing the congregation’s mission and making it possible to carry out special projects.

Committee on Ministry
Promotes the wellbeing of the congregation’s total ministry.