I have found a true sense of community at UUFoM!

Wendy Altmeier

I have been a UU for over 20 years. I have been a member of UUFoM for 5 of those years. I love the congregation and the minister is fabulous.


I came to UUFoM because my wife was a member of a UU church in Tulsa where we moved from. We visited for the first time and was greeted by Linda Rector who made us feel very much at home. In a conversation with Linda, she learned that I had moved to Midland after selling … Continue reading Sandy Hay

Sandy Hay

As a child, I attended Sunday School at a large protestant church. I had lots of ‘youth fellowship’ friends and learned many spiritual values that are still part of me. But something was missing. After leaving home, I didn’t go to church for 40 years. I knew I was a spiritual person, but not someone … Continue reading Linda R.

Linda R. Linda R.