Our Children Need Helpers!

The religious education program is seeking volunteers. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow your relationship with the future of our congregation. 

We have many roles available and NONE of them require any advanced preparation or planning besides being present and ready to have fun! Volunteers need to provide information to have a background check done in advance, so let us know early if you might be available to help. 

Volunteer Roles:

  • Backup to the Backup Volunteer: If you can’t commit in advance but want your name on the list in case our best laid plans go awry, let us know! We will complete a background check and call you only as needed.
  • Nursery Assistant: Love the littles? Sign up for a week of your choice to help our nursery caregiver, Abbey, with infants and toddlers. In the event Abbey is absent, let us know if you’d be willing to be a substitute.
  • Children’s Circle Assistant: This is the second adult (or teen) in the room. They are there only to assist the leader for the day and join in the fun!
  • Children’s Circle Leader: We provide all the materials! There will be an easy-to-follow script, a story, and a craft or other activity.
  • Special Guest Star: Do you have a talent or special topic you’d love to share with children? Let us know when and what and we’ll partner with you to make it happen!

We appreciate you and your willingness to help and show our littlest fellowship members that they matter! If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

NON-MEMBERS: Application to Work with Children and Youth (Background Check Form) – Please print and mail to UUFoM Office, 6220 Jefferson Avenue, Midland, MI 48640, or email to [email protected], or return it to the Fellowship on Sunday morning.

MEMBERS: Application to Work with Children and Youth (Background Check Form) – Please fill out and submit.