If you have tested positive for or been vaccinated for COVID-19 and are willing to share that information in confidence, please contact Maxine at guettler@chartermi.net.  Thank you! Stay well!

Revised UUFoM Reopening Plan

Updated April 29, 2022
Following two hard years of adapting to the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, UUFoM’s minister, board, and UUFoM COVID-19 Task Force are hopeful that the disease is becoming, instead, endemic — something we can cope with but that we need not be as concerned about as we have been.

We moved to completely online programming for the first year and multi-platform programming for the second year. So we know how to do this if we need to be more cautious again. We continue to encourage congregants to observe mitigation measures as they feel a need, for any reason. These include vaccination, testing, hand hygiene, social distance, ventilation, and masking.

We continue to be guided by scientists and public health experts in a “risk management” approach. We still draw on authorities and data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Michigan and Midland County health departments, the governor’s office, CovidActNow, and the Unitarian Universalist Association. We now take into account not only reported cases, but immunization, infection, and positivity rates and local hospital admissions in our five-county region.

At this time, 80% of members have reported receiving two doses; 30% have reported receiving a first booster; few have reported receiving a second booster. Because of this, fellowship members, friends, visitors, and groups may gather freely in the building and on the grounds. (Indoor rentals will be reconsidered for fall 2022.) We continue to encourage good ventilation of rooms, hygiene and respiratory etiquette. The following measures are optional as persons feel comfortable:

  • Continued correct use of masks (now still required for singing)
  • Social distancing as persons request

Guidelines for Sunday gatherings — worship, children’s religious education, coffee hour, and meetings — will continue encouraging the above measures.

Thank you for your continued trust and patience as we have endured and adapted to these times. If you have questions or concerns, please contact a member of the board or task force: 

UUFoM COVID-19 Task Force: Kathy Kinkema, Maxine Guettler, Becky Carlson, Rev. Eric Severson

Board of Directors: Sasha King, Tom Bailey, Chris Nakamura, Tim Wagner, Marsha McDonald, Lisa Janetski, Rev. Eric Severson

UUFoM Sunday Guidelines

  • Vaccinations for COVID-19 and other illnesses still are strongly recommended if you are able.
  • Masks will be optional, indoors or out, except required for singing. Food and drink are allowed in the building.
  • Fans, open windows, and air filters are encouraged to provide air exchange.
  • Online options will continue to be available to the greatest extent possible.
  • Please attend in-person gatherings ONLY if you and members of your household are well. We trust that you will make the wisest choices for you and your family.
  • Please respect congregants’ need for “personal space.”
  • If you become ill with or test positive for COVID-19, please contact task force member Becky Carlson to determine the need for contact tracing. Depending on circumstances, we may return to online-only activities.
  • If you or a household member want a COVID test, we recommend these providers: Pro-Health Urgent Care, 495-2050, or New Hope Urgent Care, 631-9900.