Marking important moments in people’s lives is crucial for honoring individuals and building community. You’ll find below some details of the services we offer. Rites of passage are provided free of charge to congregation members. Fees will apply to nonmembers, unless waived by our minister. Contact Rev. Eric to schedule a rite of passage.

Child Dedications

A child dedication is a uniquely Unitarian Universalist naming ceremony which offers parents and guardians the opportunity to have their child blessed by our congregation, their family, and our minister. It’s an opportunity for the congregation to commit to helping the child grow in ways of love, truth, justice, and peace.


Wedding services are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the love of two individuals who have chosen to come together in marriage. Because of our strong respect for each person’s beliefs and values, weddings at UUFoM reflect the unique personalities, faith traditions, values, and intentions of each couple. For information about building rental, please contact the fellowship office.

Unitarian Universalists have a long history of promoting equal rights for people in the LGBTQ community. We joyfully bless both heterosexual and same-sex marriages. Rev. Eric has officiated many such ceremonies and looks forward to talking with prospective couples.


Services to honor loved ones who have died are very personal occasions. In Unitarian Universalism, these services are developed by the family of the deceased and the minister in ways that specially honor and celebrate the life and memory of that individual. Rev. Eric is able to assist members and non-members alike in planning and scheduling end-of-life services.