Ministerial Musings

Ever since I began serving the Fellowship as your interim minister in August, 2017, we’ve known that I was “pre-fired.”

In a sermon at the end of my first year with you, I announced that I had one foot out the door.  (Here I am, pointing to the door!)  I was laughing then!  Now, it’s almost time for me to go, and I’ll shed a tear (probably more than one) as I actually head out.

I have had a wonderful time with you.  The major goal of this time was to help you get ready for your new settled minister.  You are ready, and Eric Severson is ready to join you on August 1.

I’m heading to Pittsburgh, to serve the First Unitarian Church as interim minister for the next two years.

Because I want to be in Midland mid-July, I’ve revamped my schedule for these next few weeks.   I’ll be here until I leave for General Assembly in Spokane on June 17, and I’ll return to Chicago on June 23 for some vacation time.  Then I’ll be back in Midland on July 15, based here until I head to Pittsburgh on July 31.  While I’m in Midland I’m available for conversations and meetings, and will be glad to talk with you.

I will hold you in my heart always,


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