1. A covenant of right relationship (covenanted ground rules)
    • Why are we here?
    • What is important to us about the way we behave with each other?
  2. Format
    • Opening
      • Reading/chalice lighting
      • Review of covenants(right relationship, welcoming, service)
    • Check-in
      • “Weather report” (What is going on in your life right now?)
      • How is it with your spirit?
    • Content/focus
      • Activity and/or discussion
    • Check-out
      • How are you feeling now?
      • Appreciation and Aspiration (Likes/wishes)
      • Final thought
    • Closing
      • Reading/extinguishing chalice
  3. Trained facilitator
  4. “Small group” size (max 8-10 people)
  5. Regular meetings (at least once a month)
  6. Service to the church and/or larger community
  7. Welcoming of new members
  8. Support structure within a congregation
    • Ministerial involvement
    • Congregational support
  9. Ongoing facilitators’ meetings with minister or designated leader