Serving Your God Through Serving Others

What do Muslims believe is our purpose on earth?  What are the personal and denominational  benefits of serving together?  And why, how and who do we serve in doing so?  Service to others is the common language of all major faiths.  Please join us as we discuss ecumenicism and charity in a modern world filled with age-old suffering.  Led by a friend of the Fellowship,  Umbareen Jamal.

Umbareen Jamal has lived with her husband and four children in Midland for over 20 years.  Three of her children are enrolled at Central Michigan University; the youngest attends an elementary school in Midland.  She attends the Islamic Center of Midland, where she is an active volunteer, working in Religious Education and providing ongoing hospitality for her congregation.  She also works as an advisor for the Muslim Youth of Mid-Michigan.  She is currently the co-director of Midland Interfaith Friends, a group that fosters communication and understanding within our varied religious communities.  Interfaith Friends also provides for local individuals and families who find themselves in need.  She finds  “joy in serving the most vulnerable in our community”.

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