Minister Reflections – May 2024

Maybe you have noticed that we have had many, many visitors attend worship this year, especially this spring! Have you met them? Said hello? 

Yes, we have volunteer greeters and other roles each Sunday, but each of us needs to contribute to the fellowship’s hospitality. Don’t know what to say? Well, what would you want to hear if it were your first time? Consider any of the following:
•    Hi, my name is ______. And yours? …
•    I live in ______. And you? …
•    May I get you a cup of coffee or something?
•    How did you hear about the fellowship? What attracted you today?
•    What’s your takeaway from today’s service?
•    Do you have any questions I can answer?
•    What’s your passion in life?
•    How do you spend your days?
•    Do you have kids? (If school age, introduce them to DRE Jen.)
•    Have you met our minister? Religious education director? 
•    Let me introduce you to _____.
•    I hope I’ll see you next week!

Let’s practice living our values of love and generosity together. If you have a passion for making people feel welcome and would consider a leadership role, please let me know. Thank you.


Rev. Eric Severson, he/him/his
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