Middle and High School Youth Experience

Saturday, February 24
Islamic Center, Midland
Drop Off: UUFoM at 11:30am
Pick Up: UUFoM at 2:30pm
Lunch included!

During the second half of the religious education year, our older youth have the opportunity to visit other religious organizations and learn about different faiths. Our first experience will be with our local Islamic Center of Midland, located at 1801 North Stark Road, on Saturday, February 24. To show respect for Islamic beliefs, the appropriate clothing is long sleeves, long pants or dresses, and a high neckline. 

We will meet at the fellowship at 11:30am to arrive at the center by noon. The Islamic Center will share their Muslim faith and a prayer. Afterwards, they will treat us to pizza and answer any questions we might have. We will leave the center at 2:00pm and will arrive back at the fellowship around 2:30.  
Game Day (hosted by UUFoM) is scheduled that afternoon and you are more than welcome to stay and play games.

Youth (middle and high schoolers) are invited to attend. Currently, Patricia Calahan and Carol Cooper will be transporting and supervising our youth. If your youth would like to attend, sign them up for planning and logistics and return the signed waiver to UUFoM. Youth must be signed up and a waiver must be submitted for each youth attending. 

1. Sign up youth in middle and high school here!
2. Print, sign and submit the waiver to UUFoM (Copies provided at the fellowship. Contact Wendy if you need a copy.)