Up For Crafting and Conversation?

Ellen Severson has a pile of yarn projects to finish in the next few weeks, so she’s planning to hang around at the UUFoM building every Sunday afternoon until Christmas, and she hopes people will feel free to join her. “I think that makes me the leader of a small group,” she says, noting that she may dig out her Official Tiara for events.

Here’s what Ellen hopes happens:

The No-Guilt Spontaneous Crafting Consortium (name to be adjusted once there’s more than one member) will look, in Ellen’s mind, like this:

  • Wendy made us a Facebook group, and when people know they’re going to be out in the world – Stranded yarn and coffee shop, the UUFoM building, MI Elements or somewhere else – and would love company, they’ll alert folks on the Facebook page as to time and place.
  • Ellen doesn’t have (or want) a key to the UUFoM building, but she knows the procedures to close doors and blinds and turn off lights and is generally a responsible adult, so don’t worry, Sandy. We will clean up after ourselves!
  • “Crafting” covers a wide range of activities, including reading, napping, coloring, and drinking coffee. No power tools.
  • Ellen plans to be on hand from noon to 2 p.m. on Sundays through Christmas. If Eric has preached that day, he’ll be in the building, too. Feel free to grab a lunch or drink and come back.
  • This is a work in progress. Whether it turns into a long-term so-called “crafting group” will be determined by whoever actually shows interest. No one will be expected to show up every time (…fer cryin’ out loud!). Think “no guilt” and “just hanging out.”

Questions or suggestions? Check in with Ellen “Oh, Please Don’t Ask Me to Teach You to Knit” Severson at the small group fair or at [email protected].