“Leftovers Potluck” Party

Food and fun. What a good way to celebrate the Sunday after Thanksgiving! 
Rev. Eric’s sermon on Sunday, November 26, will focus on leftovers – all kinds of leftovers, of the food variety and more metaphorical sorts. Afterward, we’ll gather to share our own Thanksgiving leftovers (please make sure leftovers have been appropriately stored) and enjoy some activities that look ahead to the rest of the zillion holidays between now and mid-January.  

  • Crafts for kids and grownups. Want to make holiday cards? Or create something to decorate your home – or someone else’s?  
  • Even better – Do you want to decorate cookies? Ellen and Eric plan to show up with dozens of cut-out cookies and bags of tinted royal icing. Other kinds of decorations are welcome, too, and everybody can take some cookies with them.

What could you contribute to a gathering like this? Do you want to make something in the kitchen so the building smells really good? Offer to oversee some activities, or bring ideas and supplies for something else? 

Ministerial Spousal Unit Ellen Severson has declared herself Logistics Queen for the event, so please contact her to volunteer: [email protected]

Sign up to attend and bring items if you can!