Category: Sunday Service Videos

10/29/2023 – “Befriending Spirits”

One of the biggest existential questions is, “What happens when we die?” Do our spirits live on? No one knows, but the thought can be a comfort to those still living. Join us for a fun all-ages service in which we play at befriending spirits … read more.

2023-10-22 What Will Be Our Legacy?

In the busyness of daily living, we may forget to consider the impact our choices and actions may have on future generations. What are our responsibilities to those yet to come? Led by Rev. Eric Severson. Followed by the annual business meeting.

2023-10-15 The Autumn of Our Lives

Building on the October 1 service, we will compare how the “autumn of our lives” compares with those of our forebears. We will examine how we might better cope with the challenges and appreciate the opportunities and beauty of aging. Led by Rev. Eric Severson.

2023-10-8 Are We There Yet?

As religious progressives, we strive for personal and societal transformation. But we know that the pace of change can be painfully slow and incremental. Quite often we must temper our impatience. It can help to remember the perseverance and determination of heroes who have gone … read more.