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2023-8-27 – Glimpses of God’s Grace

From a young, struggling, dyslexic boy to a successful inventor and entrepreneur opening a school for dyslexic students, Terry Duperon has encountered many challenges, even to his faith. Over time, he has come to see the “coincidences” in life and “chance” experiences for what they … read more.

2023-08-20 – Is Feminism Dead?

Dr. Robin O’Dell, a board certified OBGYN, will speak on the changing rolls and expectations of women today. Newer perspectives, attitudes and real and changing technology will also be discussed. Time will be allowed for questions, comments, and responses. Led by guest speaker Dr. Robin … read more.

2023-08-13 – Saginaw Rising

Zigmond (Ziggy) Kozicki and Stephanie Baiyasi, who produced a film called “Saginaw Rising,” will give a talk related to their film titled “Social Determinants, Equity, and Civil Rights.” The film is about people in Saginaw are not accepting the problems of the past and instead … read more.

7/9/2023 – This I Believe

“This I Believe” – Fellowship members answer key questions about their personal beliefs in this periodic credo service. A multiplatform service led by Fellowship member Jim Falender.

2023-08-06 Love’s Labor Lost and Found

“Love’s Labour Lost & Found” – As Americans we define so much about our identities through what we do for a living, but how do we decide which forms of labor are highly valued, which are not and how does that valuation compare with the … read more.