UUFoM Endowment Fund Spring Message

Spring is a time for new life and renewal. It is time to renew your thinking about giving to the UUFoM Endowment Fund. UU’s are caring and generous of their time and participation. They are generous with pledging and have the potential of giving generously to the Endowment Fund in 2023. 
Pledging keeps the doors open and the fellowship running on a yearly basis. The Endowment Fund builds for the future. Income and gains from the Endowment Fund make it possible to carry out special projects beyond those funded by our yearly pledges. Resurfacing the parking lot, installing new carpeting, updating our audio visual capability and more have been Endowment Fund projects. Financing from the Endowment Fund also allows us to support UU goals by sending leaders and teachers to UU training and activities.
The Endowment Committee encourages UUFoM members and friends to give small and large unrestricted gifts throughout the year. No amount is too small. Donate and keep us strong. Be sure to designate on your contribution that the money is for the Endowment Fund.
Judy Donahue and Karen Roth
Endowment Fund Committee members