Minister’s Reflections – April 2021

Oh, the possibilities!

You and I have been together for two years now. We spent the first year getting to know one another. The second year we spent languishing (or coping, adapting, or thriving, depending on your view), maintaining connections through a pandemic (which, admittedly, isn’t over yet). 

I propose that we begin to look forward, to plan, to envision, to consider possibilities and opportunities. (I get excited just thinking about it!) Looking forward to fall and beyond, as we come together again in person, we can decide how we want to do things in ways that might make better sense than how we did them before. Ways that may be simpler, that may align more closely with our values, and that may invite more voices to the table.

  • We are hiring a new director of religious education. What do we want and need now, not just from that staff position, but from the RE program itself?
  • We are replacing the outdoor play structure for young children. What changes or features would you like to see in an overall site plan for the building and grounds?
  • We have practice now with online technology. How might we use that to serve one another and our community?
  • Our strategic plan is several years old, and we have changed as a congregation in that time. How do we want to live out our values today and into the future? How do we want to be known?

As we slowly climb out of the pandemic — safeguarding our most vulnerable and ensuring the greatest participation possible — let’s consider our priorities and possibilities. I invite you to join in the many conversations we’ll be having.

Rev. Eric