Fall Clean-Up Update

The Fall Cleanup was held on Saturday, October 12. We had a good cloudy day for our work around the UUFoM Building.  As a reminder, there were seven focus projects to work on.

1. The Playground and play structures. These are the areas used by children from our community. There is a need to replace the landscaping weed barriers, which will need about 6+ people willing to remove weeds, move large amounts of gravel, replace the weed barriers, then put the gravel back over the weed barrier. DONE! 

In addition, our Sexton, Sandy has volunteered to improve the wooden play structures by driving in nails and screws that have become hazards.  (Note: Sandy was not able to attend due to some health issues) but it is DONE!

2. The Vegetable garden on the north side. This area needs removal of dead plants and preparation for winter. DONE!

3. The Memorial Garden. General weeding and cleanup is needed. This is a sacred space and needs respect. DONE!

4. Trash removal and picking up sticks. No special skills required, just a need for general cleanup. DONE!

5. General trimming and weeding of the landscaped areas at the drive, sign and building entryway. DONE!

6. Gutter and roof cleaning. Remove debris from on top of the building. DONE!

7. Finally, we would also like to remove some of the buckthorn plants that are invading our grounds. As the name implies, they are very sharp and thorny! Much was DONE!

We filled the dumpster the City of Midland provided us with brush, then we packed it down and put even more in. In addition, one trailer full was taken to the City Dump, so we were able to clean up brush ,dispose of it AND some accumulated brush that had been stored. 

I am glad to thank the many people that helped us in no particular order. We had a total of at least 26 volunteers I can recall, which helped us get most of the work done in the AM shift. 

Thanks to Vicki Reidelberger for taking some pics during the event which helped me with this memory challenge. My sincere apologies if I have forgotten anyone. I would be glad to get them a cup of coffee at our next Sunday Service! 

Mary JohnsonKurt SonorasPatricia Calahan
Bruce JohnsonLisa JanetskiFred Thomas
Kathy KinkemaVicki ReidelbergerMonica Hughes
John KinkemaGisela BaileyJim Falender
Tim WagnerTom BaileyJill Crissman
Janelle DombekMarlene HickmanCilla Jones
Luis MulfordCraig MurchisonKevin King
Linda RectorPam MurchisonSpeed Malecki
Roy WedgeEric Severson

Also, Thanks to Wendy Altmeier our Office Professional, for getting the word out and making this Fall Cleanup Day a success due to the many volunteers.

Luis Mulford, Building and Grounds Chair 

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