Pasty Sale!

We need help in the kitchen on Saturday, September 21, to prepare pasties for the Pasty Sale on Sunday, September 22

Responsibilities include cutting vegetables, blending the filling mixture, making crust, assembling the pasties, timing the pasties in the ovens, wrapping finished pasties, doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, among other jobs.  Six or more per shift will work out well. You can sign up here or on the sheet at the Fellowship.

In the past, this fundraiser has been successful in part because the ingredients and supplies have been donated.  Please have all ingredients to the Fellowship kitchen by Sunday, September 15, with the exception of the ground beef and pork.  The ground meat (FRESH – NOT FROZEN) should be in the Fellowship refrigerator by Saturday, September 21.  You can sign up here or on the sheet at the Fellowship.  Please fill in the date when you deliver items to the kitchen. 

Click here to place your order or sign up in advance at the Fellowship to purchase traditional (beef and pork mix) or vegetarian (lentils with olive and sesame seed oil) pasties for $5 each!

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