Summer’s End BBQ

August 25, 2019 at 12:00pm

Join us for a BBQ, roasting marshmallows, water fun and activities for all ages!  Bring a lounge chair and your families!  We will have hot dogs, s’mores, drinks and chips.  Feel free to bring your favorite summer food to share, or other items to grill.  If you are a kid or an adult, volunteer or staff, a member or friend, you are welcome to join the fun! 

This event is hosted by the Lifespan Religious Education Team.  We will also have enrollment forms and other materials about the coming year at this celebration of summer.

**Please note:  This is the same day as some team meetings.  If you are attending any of these meetings, be sure to grab a bite of food on your way and come have fun afterwards.  Also, if you are a team member AND parent, we got you covered!  Email the Director of Religious Education Heather Cleland-Host (, so we know to expect your kids.

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