UUFoM Facebook Group Changes

The Fellowship Office added a new facebook group entitled UUFoM News.  Admins and moderators of this group will post official news, Sunday Service information and events from the Fellowship Office, Board of Trustees, Ministry Groups and Governance Committees.  Members of the UUFoM News group will be able to view, like and comment on all posts. 
Starting Friday, July 9, all Sunday Service information, news and events will be posted on the UUFoM News group only (along with information in The Weekly Candle Flame and our website.)  You may join the group here.
The UUFoM Friends Facebook group will return to being administered and moderated by volunteers, for less formal sharing.  As an admin/moderator, you would vet and then admit people to the group. You would help establish and publicize behavior guidelines, monitor all posts and comments, and act as needed to moderate. If you are interested in becoming an admin or moderator of the group, please send an email to office@uufom.org