Building & Grounds Update

  • An outside contractor will be coming in to work on the roof in the summer.
  • Thanks to the “Heating Team,” we have the new furnaces picked out and the project ready to go.  The furnaces will be installed this summer and ready for us to use this winter.
  • The new playground will be put in this summer.  Most of the equipment will be placed at least ten feet from the parking lot.
    • During phase one (happening in June,) we will be removing the old playground equipment.  
    • Phase two – TBA.

Thank you to the following people for attending the spring work day.  If I missed your name, I am sorry.  

Tom Bailey
Simon Cook
Jim Crissman
Jill Haver-Crissman
Cricket Krengel
Marsha McDonald
Cathy Mitzel
Vicki Reidelberger
Dan Sealey
Ellen Dodge Severson
Rev. Eric Severson
Alex Sonoras
Shannon Sonoras
Tim Wagner

A big thank you to John Kinkema for arranging for 15 yards of wood chips to be delivered to the fellowship. Thank you, John!

Dan Sealey has begun placing the wood chips in the correct location by laying four inches over the back area of the Fellowship where the old tree was taken out last year.  Thanks for all the wheelbarrows of wood chips, Dan.

We need more volunteers to help move the rest of the wood chips.  We will begin on Monday, June 7 at 9:00am and work until noon.  Subsequently, we will be working each Wednesday morning from 9:00am to noon starting on June 16 until we get the work done.  We also need weeders to take out the weeds so we can put down the wood chips.  

It was great to see many of you at the Fellowship this past weekend.  If the weather is good, I hope to see some of you at the fellowship during the next few Wednesdays. 

Patricia Calahan, Building & Grounds Chair