Robert’s Rules Workshop

Who is Robert and Why Should We Follow His Rules?
Saturday, October 26, 10:00am-12:00pm

Get ready for the annual meeting.  Learn what can be discussed, when it can be discussed and how to get your ideas seriously considered.  Learn three things — in addition to voting no — you can do if you disagree with a proposed action. 

General Robert uses formal language to make sure everyone knows what is being discussed and to avoid escalating conflict.  In this workshop you will learn the scripts and code words to help you navigate a formal meeting.

There is currently discussion in UU circles about whether Robert’s Rules of Order are the best way to conduct business in our assemblies.  There will be background information to help you think about this question.

Presented by Sara Clavez as part of the Engagement Team effort to promote member involvement in UUFoM.

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