UUFoM Endowment Fund

The UUFoM Endowment Committee will update the Fellowship on the status of the Endowment Fund throughout the year. The Endowment Fund ended 2018 with a balance of $178,000. $30,000 was taken from the fund in 2018 to help pay for the drainage and resurfacing of the parking lot. The balance has improved somewhat since the beginning of 2019, but not enough to make up for the Endowment Fund’s payment to the parking lot fund.

In 2018 the Endowment Fund received donations totaling $700. At this rate, the fund will take time to recover. In addition to the possibility of designating the fund as part of your will, please consider making an annual donation of $100, $500, $1,000 or more. In order to help with projects not covered by the budget, we need to continually keep growing the Endowment Fund.

From Judy Donahue.

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