While We Are Virtual

  1. Online practices will be designed to maintain the same safe church standards as we maintain offline at the Fellowship. This includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Parental supervision of children online is a critical part of any online activity. We encourage parents to monitor their child’s online activity.
  • All Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Midland (UUFoM) sponsored forums will have at least one adult Host and one adult Observer/Co-host in forums with children. This maintains the two adult requirement for children in a classroom, also known as the “rule of three.”
  • Background checks are required on all Hosts.
    • An adult with convictions in child abuse/neglect or sexual abuse/molestation may not participate in classes with children. Virtual Exception: a parent may be present in the Zoom call that includes their child, but not in an official capacity as a Host or Observer/Co-host.
    • An adult caregiver with a CPS investigation or charges pending may not Host or be one of the Observer/Co-hosts, but may be present with their child. This will be communicated directly between the Director of Lifespan Religious Education and the adult.
  • Zoom meetings will follow these five rules at minimum:
    • Participants may not enter ahead of the Host. A waiting room may be used.
    • All chats are posted to everyone. (No private chatting between adults and children).
    • Screen sharing will be controlled by the Host.
    • Annotation on shared screens will be controlled by the Host.
    • Host recordings with child participants should be saved onto a computer, not to the cloud. Recordings should be retained for one week only for review and then removed.
  • Facebook forums, Google Classrooms, and other online forums will have varying levels of adult/child participation allowed. The level of screening, confidentiality, and age requirements for participation will be clearly stated. In all private forums, sharing features will be disabled, and copy & pasting pictures of children from our UUFoM forums is not allowed.