Religious Education

2019-2020 Religious Education Program

Many Paths, One Community
Next year’s religious education program will be an exploration of the world religions and how Unitarian Universalism relates to the myriad of religions and philosophies that we draw upon.  We will be focusing on five main world religions:  Hinduism, Buddhism, Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), Humanism, and Earth-Based Traditions (Paganism, Native American traditions, etc).

Lower Elementary – More than one way to answer a question: The youngest children will focus on the different ways that religions of the world answer the questions of how to live our lives and behave toward one another.

Upper Elementary – Stories of what is sacred: Older children will explore the core stories told by different religions and the basic beliefs of each religion.

Teens and adults – Sharing a community that has different beliefs: Teens (and adults) will learn about each of these religions and reach out to religious communities to learn more about each other.

The curricula we will be drawing on will include:

Moral Tales (Tapestry of Faith)
Love will Guide Us (Tapestry of Faith)
Sacred Stories & Picture Book – World Religions
Crossing Paths (Middle school and up)

Some of the possible communities we will reach out to:

Temple Bethel (Jewish)
Islamic Center of Midland
Christian churches (teen choice)
Ziibiwing Center of Anishinabe Culture and Lifeways

* For Buddhism and Hinduism, we may have to reach outside of our area.