Religious Education

2020-2021 Religious Education Program

Living our UU Principles in 2020 & beyond: Building a Beloved Community
Our religious education program will be again exploring the Seven Principles in this year’s Living our UU Principles program.  We will also be exploring the proposed 8th  Principle for Beloved Community. 

This year’s exploration will differ from the last time we explored how we live our UU Principles. We will be exploring the principles in pairs, instead of one per month.  This will give us more time to explore a theme.

The biggest change is, of course, that we will be running remotely with virtual and hands on components.  We will strive to be together in spirit even if we are not together in body.  We will continue to support each other, but in new and different ways.  As always, we will live our UU Principles! 

Program description:
We live in a time of constant change and the chaos of our world is trying on all of us, but most especially families, and families of color in particular. This curriculum is designed to help families bond together with other families to support one another through the changes and pain of our world today.

This program is designed to be offered for families online. Each session contains worship elements including chalice lightings, prayers, songs, and guided meditations, some with movement. Each session also offers a chance for faith development through personal reflection and creative exploration. All sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging for people of all ages.