2020 Sharing Tree

It’s Sharing Tree time! Once again, the Fellowship will show its sharing spirit by participating in the Sharing Tree. It will just look a little different this year!

Tags are identified by number (1-30). Claim a number (or numbers) by emailing Wendy at office@uufom.org.  Wendy will confirm by emailing back the picture of the tag and removing the tag from the page.  Print your copy of the tag or if you do not have access to a printer, let Wendy know when you email her and she will mail your tag. 

All gifts should be either unwrapped or placed in a gift bag, with the gift tag taped to the outside. (all boxes must be unwrapped so they can be checked before the gift is delivered) You can return the gifts to the large bin on Maxine’s front porch, 2614 St. Mary’s Drive.

If you are unable to deliver it to Maxine, please call her at 989-492-4413, and she will arrange to pick it up. You can also deliver it to another Sharing Tree location, or directly to the Salvation Army. Please return all gifts by December 2. Thank you again for your generosity, it makes such a difference to so many people!

Tag 18

Tag 26