Message From the Minister

Dear members and friends,

From the moment I walked into the building last spring, UUFoM felt like home. I am tremendously grateful to have been called as your minister. Thank you.

This congregation has such a warm, inviting spirit. The work you all did with Reverend Connie on healing past hurts, fostering human connections, and building for the future is clear.

As I look around, I see great assets to help make our aspirations come true:
            A building of our own
            Extensive grounds
            Hard-working, dedicated staff
            Committed and devoted volunteers
            Diverse and strong ministry programs
            A history and reputation of people Living Our Values Every day

I hope you are as excited as I am about our fellowship serving as a beacon to seekers in surrounding communities. Our mission is ambitious, and it needs your contributions of time, talent, and treasure to be realized. The Stewardship Team will offer recommendations for financial giving. How and what you choose to pledge is up to you. 

Whether you are a member or a friend of the fellowship, please take time to discern a giving level that will make you feel good and connected. I hope you will be as engaged as possible and will give generously to make 2020 a vibrant and deeply meaningful year.

I look forward to celebrating with you, all the many ways we give, on Commitment Sunday, September 29, and beyond. Thank you!

Eric Severson