Upcoming Sunday Services

January 6
“Spiritual Resiliency” Many people exit the holiday season exhausted and perhaps a bit cynical just as the harsh season of winter is closing in.  Our intake of sugar, fat and alcohol may have done a number on our bodies, and our vitality may be as low as low as our cash reserves. This can have a negative impact on our spiritual, emotional, and intellectual bodies, too.  Spiritual resilience is not only a matter of our immediate concerns, but also part of a bigger picture.  How do we recharge our batteries?

Rev. Heather Collins, guest speaker, teaches and manages the Clinical Pastoral Education program at Covenant HealthCare System. Heather received a Masters of Divinity degree from Duke University, was ordained by the UU Congregation of Gwinnett in Lawrenceville, GA, and served as their first full-time minister.  After thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, Heather and her husband, David Bowen, moved to Saginaw in 2015 to be near family.  They share their Victorian house with three dogs, a cat, and the dust and debris of on-going renovation. 

January 13
“Refuge for Those Who Flee” 
UUFoM member Sarah Nuss-Warren shares her thoughts about refugees. She reflects on her childhood experiences with refugees sponsored by her community and how it led her to the Unitarian Universalist Service Community. Finally, she attempts to address the question of what we can do here in Mid-Michigan to assist with the ongoing refugee crisis.

Sarah lives in Midland with her husband, Christopher Nakamura. She frequently acts as volunteer pianist for Sunday services and has recently become more involved with the Worship Team. She works for the Savant Group making instruments to measure properties of motor oil and plays a lot of French horn.

January 20
“Resolutions and Revolutions” 
Some thoughts about hope, resolve, and action for the new year.  Rev. Connie Grant speaking.

January 27
“Ways to Grow” 
How and why do congregations grow?  How and why is the Fellowship growing?  It’s not just about numbers!  Rev. Connie Grant speaking.

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