Upcoming Sunday Services

January Theme – “Thresholds”

January 5
“Life Transitions”
 Sometimes making a life transition is like walking through a door into a new and different world. Join us as fellowship members reflect on important life transitions they have experienced. Eddie Mulford and Amy Rogers, guest speakers.

January 12
“Going Out or Coming In?” It matters, when crossing thresholds, whether we are entering or exiting — or does it? Come explore some of the ways we approach what may be mundane or numinous experiences.  Led by Eric Severson, Minister.

January 19
“Thresholds We Dare Not Cross” We human beings developed a fear response for good reason. We learned good and evil and where to draw the line (sometimes). What are some of the thresholds we dare not cross today and why? How might we harness our fear and act with courage?  Led by Eric Severson, Minister.

January 26
“The Final Threshold?” To the best of our knowledge, physical death is the final threshold of life. But many world religions suggest otherwise, that some form of spirit remains or continues on. Let’s explore some eschatology together.  Led by Eric Severson, Minister.

December Theme – “The Unexpected/Awe”

December 1
“The Unexpected Journey Into Paganism”   Members of our Ancient Shores CUUPS chapter will share stories on how they became pagans.  Afterward, congregants will be able to ask questions about the panel’s paths and beliefs.  Led by Scott and Monica Hughes and members of the Ancient Shores CUUPS.

December 8
“Annual Choir Service”
 Our fabulous choir members will present our annual music-filled service where songs of the season will be sung sweetly in celebration of the onset of winter and the holidays. If you miss the service, or just love hearing the choir sing, come and see the UUFoM Choir at the Dow Gardens Christmas Walk on Friday, December 13 at 5:30pm, near the birches, only a short walk from the main building. 

December 15
“Turn the World Around” Pageant Sunday
 This year’s Winter Pageant will be held on December 15 during the service. It will include a modern adaptation of O’Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi.” A young couple moves into their new home just before Christmas. They have very little money, and each sells something precious to themselves in order to give something to a person who is more precious to them (their spouse). Our story is full of surprises as we find out what happens when they exchange gifts (and what happens to their ex-belongings). Come celebrate the holidays with song, story and tales from the children of our congregation. See how a new perspective can turn your world around.

December 22
“What Is To Come”
Whether it is in a hospital room, at home by the phone, or during the long months of winter or of a pregnancy, waiting can be the hardest part of any period in one’s life. That is especially true when the stakes are high and the future is unknown. The Christian season of Advent has much to teach about waiting for that which is to come and finding the unexpected.

December 24
“And So the Children Come” In this Christmas Eve service we will celebrate through story and song the hope and awe inherent in the nativity story, reverence for every human life, and the promise of generations.

December 22
“Beneath the Snow”
In the cold and dark of winter in the Upper Midwest, it is easy to succumb to depression and “cabin fever.” It is a good time to tend one’s body, mind, and spirit and to look beyond the surface of things. What might we find beneath the snow? The sacred dark, perhaps, and surely more.


November Theme – “Thanks and Praise”


November 3
“Sharing Our Gratitude”  Gratitude Journals have become a well-known technique for improving one’s happiness and stress level. The worship team has asked UUFoM members to keep a gratitude journal leading up to our November theme of “Thanks and Praise.” UUFoM members will volunteer to share entries from their gratitude journals during this service. By sharing our gratitude, we hope to be drawn together as we support and affirm the goodness in the world together.   Susan Mayer speaking.

November 10
“On the Shoulders of Giants”
We discover truths by building on previous discoveries all the time, often without realizing it. We’ll reflect on the giants in our lives, the truths they helped us to see, how we might serve as giants to others.  Eric Severson speaking. 

November 17
“Transgender Courage”
In thanks and praise of living with integrity and courage, we will center the stories of transgender and nonbinary folks and will honor the memory of those who lost their lives to violence in the past year.  Eric Severson speaking.

November 24
“Thanks for Simple Gifts”
As we approach the Thanksgiving Day holiday, let’s prepare ourselves for gatherings of people, overconsumption, and the winter holiday countdown by focusing on small, more immediate sources of joy. Eric Severson speaking.


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