Upcoming Sunday Services

April 14, 2019
“Saving Souls or Spending Them?”  Our Universalist forebears long ago rejected the doctrine that some people were predestined to eternal damnation, believing that a loving God would not consign anyone to eternal torment.  What meaning can “salvation” have for Unitarian Universalists?  Rev. Connie Grant speaking.

April 21
“Why Does Jesus Matter?”   Using reason, our Unitarian forebears developed new ways of thinking about the nature of God, of Jesus, and of humanity in general.  Why does Jesus matter to Unitarian Universalists today?  Rev. Connie Grant speaking.

April 28
“Songs of My Soul”  How would you describe the soundtrack or playlist of your life? What are some of the recurring themes? Come learn about ministerial candidate Eric Severson’s formative personal and professional experiences and reflect on your own. What has fueled your commitment to Unitarian Universalism? Eric Severson speaking.

May 5
“Not For Ourselves Alone”  Each of us is called throughout life to be and to act in certain ways. What have been your callings? Come learn about ministerial candidate Eric Severson’s vision of ministry and share your own. To what things, great or small, might we be called together? Eric Severson speaking.