Upcoming Sunday Services

November 18 
“Breaking Bread Together”  A Thanksgiving worship service for all ages.  Please bring a loaf (or other form) of bread representing your heritage and accompaniments such as cheese, jam, or fruit.  During the service, we’ll partake of the bread in celebration of the sustenance we share.  Following the service we’ll share a simple meal of bread and the accompaniments you bring.  Rev. Connie Grant leading.

November 25 
“Contemplating Life’s Paradoxes: Shifting from Negadoxes to Posidoxes”  Dr. Joseph Ofori-Dankwa, guest speaker, is H.R. Wickes Endowed Professor of International Business at Saginaw Valley State University.  He thinks of his work as a journey and his life’s expedition is called “diverse-similarity.”  He thinks, studies, researches, and teaches the message that diverse-similarity is the bridge to understanding and appreciating our differences.  His passion reaches audiences that range from little kids, to students and even Fortune 500 company executives.  His journey leads him to places nearby, here in the Saginaw Valley, and to far away locations like his Ghana homeland where he has met with government officials on ways for the country to succeed.  What started as a simple notion has grown from the 1995 publication of a children’s book called The Adventures of Diffi and Simi, to published work in The Academy of Management Review and Human Relations, noted as one of the top 10 most influential journals in organizational behavior.  Dr. Ofori-Dankwa is the founder of the Makola Institute in Ghana that provides financial literacy skills for market women. He is also the co-founder of CEMATHS in Ghana, helping schools to improve the math competencies of students. He is married with 5 wonderful children, one of whom is UUFoM member Connie Ofori-Dankwa.

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