Upcoming Sunday Services

September 16
“Forgiving, Not Forgetting”  Forgiveness is difficult; forgiving and forgetting may be impossible.  Forgiving and remembering may be more attainable, as well as more useful.   Rev. Connie Grant speaking.

September 23
“Being Religious in the Twenty-First Century”  
With increasing numbers of Americans identifying as “spiritual but not religious,” what does being “religious” mean to Unitarian Universalists today?  Rev. Connie Grant speaking.

September 30
“To Everything There Is A Season”  Are you a person for whom all decisions are irrevocable? Or are you happy to revisit decisions you’ve made when they aren’t working out so well for you? How do we know when it’s time to abandon a decision and move in a new direction, and when it’s better to stay the course?  Judith Hill speaking.

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