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Children & Youth Religious Education Program Update

Spring Block, Changing the World (Sundays, April 14 – May 12)

In the fall, the Religious Education Program focused on who we are as a UU community.  Who is our community? Who are we as a congregation? In January, we began exploring how this community helps us shape our identities, values and beliefs – and how to live them out.  We are closing our UUnique Journeys with a Spring Block dedicated to the ways we can live our values and change the world.

Junior and Senior Children’s Circles: The Strength of Community to Make a Better World
Age 4-grade 2  in UL303 and grades 3-5  in UL302.

Secondary Lodestone Program: Community Outreach – Making a Better World
Grades 6-10 in LL103.

Annual Spring Clean Up

It’s time for our annual spring cleaning and meet-the-earth ritual of pulling weeds, removing brush, throwing away trash, cleaning up indoors, and making our UU Fellowship building and grounds look smashing.

Please plan to come and work alongside your fellow UUs on Friday, May 10.  We’ll start around 1:00pm and work until we’re all tired and hungry, which is usually around 5:00pm.  We have inside jobs (cleaning & organizing) and outside jobs, repairs and some simple improvements to do, and a great need for weeding.  Please bring yourselves, rakes, shovels, a dandelion digger, pruning shears, gloves, a hat, and anything else you think might be needed.  Don’t forget your sunscreen!  This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow UUs!  Please contact Luis Mulford if you’d like to add something to the job list.

May the Fourth Be With You – Prepare Your Light Saber!

Join us for food, fun, fellowship, and bidding on nearly 100 auction items!

Check out the offerings here:  2019 Serendipity Auction Booklet

Sign up to attend and/or volunteer on the sign-up table opposite the bathrooms.  Choose your potluck contribution by writing your name on an object in the star galaxy and recording its number on the sign-up page.

Donated auction items should be dropped off at UUFoM during these time frames:
Thursday, May 2, 7:00-8:30pm
Saturday, May 4, 12:00-2:00pm

The big night is Saturday, May 4 at 6:00pm
(bring food items at 5:30pm).

Yub Nub!  See you there!

Ministerial Candidate – Eric Severson’s Events

We hope you will sign up to attend a Cottage Meeting . You must sign up for a Cottage Meeting by contacting Maxine Guettler at 989-492-4413.

Cottage Meetings
Sunday, April 28, 7:00-8:30pm – 
(FULL) Speed & Michaele Malecki’s House
Monday, April 29, 2:00-3:30pm – Catherine Young’s House
Monday, April 29, 7:00-8:30pm – (FULL) Sara Clavez & Judith Hill’s House
Tuesday, April 30, 7:00-8:30pm – (FULL) Amy Rogers’ House
Thursday, May 2, 7:30-9:00pm – Shannon Sonoras & Simon Cook’s House
Friday, May 3, 2:00-3:30pm – Linda Rector’s House

Eric will be preaching on Sundays, April 28 and May 5, and there will be additional opportunities to meet him and his wife, Ellen, during an extended coffee hour on Sunday, April 28 and during the Serendipity Auction on Saturday, May 4.

Following the service on Sunday, May 5, there will be a Congregational Meeting to vote on calling Eric as our next settled minister. 

Worship Service Development Workshop

Saturday, April 13, 1:30 – 3:30 pm

Do you have a sermon in you?  Would you like some help to get it out?

It’s been said that every person has at least one sermon in them!  Explore the possibilities of in this workshop sponsored by the Worship Team and led by Rev. Connie Grant.  We are hoping to spark some ideas and to offer some tools to help you develop your thoughts and experiences into a sermon proposal.  There are open slots in our worship schedule for June, July, and August, available for lay-led services.  You don’t have to commit to actually doing a service in order to attend the workshop!  Please contact Sarah Nuss-Warren at  or Rev. Connie Grant at with any questions.

Register here by April 10.

Lifespan Religious Education Team Meeting

April 11, 7:30pm in UL301 

The Lifespan Religious Education Team meets monthly to support and develop the religious education program at the Fellowship.  If you are interested in helping on the team or just interested in knowing more about what we do, feel free to attend our meeting and see what it is all about! Contact Heather Cleland-Host, for more information ahead of the meeting, especially if you are interested in joining the team.

Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to get involved in an outreach activity that can help you live your values? UUFoM is involved with Home to Stay (formerly Midland Area Homes), an organization that helps Midland County residents in need sustain stable housing through education, advocacy and support services, and promoting self-sufficiency.

Every few months, we do our part by volunteering to pick up furniture from the area that people (like you!) donate to the organization. The pickup is always on a Saturday morning, and we often go out to lunch as a group after the pickup. The only requirement is a moderately strong back. We do get some heavy items from time to time.

Our next pickup is on April 13th.

Future pickup dates are July 27 and Oct 26.

If you are interested in volunteering to be part of this important work, please contact Kevin King.

Pasty Sale

We need help in the kitchen on Friday, April 12 to prepare pasties for the Pasty Sale on Sunday, April 14.

Responsibilities include cutting vegetables, blending the filling mixture, making crust, assembling the pasties, timing the pasties in the ovens, wrapping finished pasties, doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen among other jobs.  Six or more per shift will work out well. You can sign up on the sheet at the Fellowship.

In the past, this fundraiser has been successful in part because the ingredients and supplies have been donated.  Please have all ingredients to the Fellowship kitchen by Sunday, April 7 with the exception of the ground beef and pork.  The ground meat (FRESH – NOT FROZEN) should be at the Fellowship in the refrigerator by Friday, April 12.  You can sign up on the sheet at the Fellowship.  Please fill in the date when you deliver items to the kitchen.

Click here to place your order or sign up in advance at the Fellowship to purchase Traditional (beef and pork mix) or Vegetarian (lentils with olive and sesame seed oil) Pasties for $5 each!

Ministerial Search Committee News

The Search Committee is pleased to announce that we have selected a ministerial candidate.  We have followed the advice we received near the beginning of this process to “fall in love” with the candidate.  We hope that you will, too! We are unable to give you more information now until some final details are attended to, but will fill in the blanks as soon as we are able.  In the meantime, we are making arrangements to introduce them to you.

Candidating Week will be April 28 to May 5. The candidate will present a sermon on each of the Sundays.  During the week there will be opportunities for you to meet the candidate and their spouse. We’ll be arranging meetings with committees and other groups within the Fellowship as well as “cottage meetings” in the homes of individual members.  If you would like to host one of these cottage meetings, please contact Maxine Guettler, at

After the service on May 5, we will excuse the candidate and vote on whether to call them.  We hope this will be the beginning of a joyous partnership as our Fellowship moves into the future.

From the Ministerial Search Committee:  Tom Bailey (Chair), Mary Johnson, Maxine Guettler, Chris Nakamura, Tim Wagner, Sasha King

UUFoM Endowment Fund

The UUFoM Endowment Committee will update the Fellowship on the status of the Endowment Fund throughout the year. The Endowment Fund ended 2018 with a balance of $178,000. $30,000 was taken from the fund in 2018 to help pay for the drainage and resurfacing of the parking lot. The balance has improved somewhat since the beginning of 2019, but not enough to make up for the Endowment Fund’s payment to the parking lot fund.

In 2018 the Endowment Fund received donations totaling $700. At this rate, the fund will take time to recover. In addition to the possibility of designating the fund as part of your will, please consider making an annual donation of $100, $500, $1,000 or more. In order to help with projects not covered by the budget, we need to continually keep growing the Endowment Fund.

From Judy Donahue.