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2020 Stewardship Campaign Update

As a result of several last-minute pledges and pledge increases, our 2020 PLEDGE GOAL HAS BEEN MET!!  Thank you to everyone who pledged!!  This will allow an active and exciting year for our Fellowship, with funds to cover the entire proposed 2020 budget. The budget proposal has been sent out, in preparation for our Annual Meeting on Sunday, October 27.  Read it carefully, and contact anyone on the Finance Committee if you have questions.

Stewardship Campaign for 2020 Budget

The pledge campaign to support our UUFoM 2020 budget is beginning! An introductory email was sent this week, and the pledge packet will be emailed soon—make sure to read these important communications.  Here’s how the timeline will look:
Early in September, the pledge packet email will be sent out.  It will contain information about the proposed budget, giving guidelines, and a pledge form for you to fill out online or print, complete and turn in.  Like last year, we will need all members to return a pledge form, even if your financial circumstances don’t allow you to make a financial commitment to the Fellowship for next year.
By September 15, you should have been contacted by one of our Conversation Stewards to have a discussion.  If you want to have a conversation but have NOT been contacted by then, please reach out to Janelle Dombek at and she’ll make sure that you get one.
On September 29, Commitment Sunday, we’ll need all pledge forms to be turned in.  And on that date, we’ll celebrate with a big luncheon, a performance by our very own Sound Explorers, and an introduction of candidates for next year’s Board.

Nominating Committee Seeks Suggestions

The Nominating Committee acts as its own entity on behalf of the congregation, with two members elected by the congregation to two-year terms, and the third member appointed by the Board to a one-year term.  The Nominating Committee is tasked with providing a slate of candidates for election at the annual congregational meeting, which will be held on October 27.
The following positions are up for election this year:

President Elect
Board Secretary
Member at Large
Nominating Committee member

For more information about what is involved in these positions, please see the Fellowship Bylaws on the Members section of the website:

Article VI. Board of Directors
Article X. Committees and Ministry Teams, Section 3. Congregational Committees,  Item A. Nominating Committee

If you are interested in being considered for one of these positions or would like to suggest someone else to be considered, please contact one or all members of the Nominating Committee:

Jacob Guettler
Donna King
Kathy Kinkema

From the Board President

Hello my people!

I’m sitting on our deck as I write this and see the garden is out in full force at the Cook-Sonoras home. We’re planting veggies and flowers, picking bouquets, clearing out old plants and shrubs that don’t work anymore and anticipating what’s to come next. It’s a lot of work but creating something beautiful in which we can take pride makes it worth it.

Not a bad analogy for UUFOM, right?

On Sunday, June 2, 2019, 60 members (including proxies) gathered to discuss two pieces of business: Amending the By-Laws in Section 1 Composition and Election brought by the Board of Directors and Adopting a Statement of Advocacy brought by the L.O.V.E. Team. Below are final By-Laws addition and Statement of Advocacy.

Additions to ARTICLE VI. BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Section1. Composition and Election

Two or more members of the same household may not serve on the Board of Directors at the same time. Two or more members of the same immediate family may not serve on the Board of Directors at the same time.

Term Limits: No member may serve more than two consecutive two-year terms on the Board. A two-year interval must elapse before a person is eligible to be elected again after serving on the Board. Appointment or election to fill a partial term will not count toward the maximum of two consecutive two-year terms.

Vacancies: A vacancy on the Board of Directors occurring between Annual Meetings of the Congregation will be filled by majority vote of the remaining Board members. A Board member so-appointed will serve until the end of the fiscal year. If a full year still remains at the time of the next Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee will recommend a candidate to be elected by the Congregation to serve the remaining partial (one-year) term.

Statement of Advocacy
We, the members of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Midland, hereby endorse the following Congregational Statement of Advocacy:

We affirm the full inclusion and participation of people of all genders in our religious community and in society at large.

In witness to this Statement of Advocacy, a “Progress Pride” flag will be hung on a flagpole on the Fellowship grounds.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful participation in the Business Meeting.

Now it’s time for me to get back to summer. But before I bend my back to pick another weed or prune another bush, I’ll take a moment to listen to the wind rustling through the foliage and enjoy the fruits of our labor. May you have a moment to do the same.

In grateful service and with love,

Shannon Sonoras
Board President

November Board Meeting Announcement

Tuesday, November 27 at 7:00pm at UUFoM

Board meetings are open to any member who wishes to attend. The agenda includes the monthly financial report, approval of the Annual Meeting minutes, and follow-up on suggestions made at the Annual Meeting.

The Board will also review a ministry monitoring report on how we empower members, friends, and the surrounding community to think freely, live ethically, and grow spiritually through lifelong learning, as we explore our values, live the principles of Unitarian Universalism, and search for truth and meaning.

From the Board President

Board Acts & Parking Lot in the Works!

At the July Board meeting we approved an additional $20-30 thousand dollars in expenditures to cover the cost of parking lot reconstruction.  Many thanks to Tim Wagner for the exhaustive, and, I’m sure sometimes exhausting, work he has done over the last sixteen months to research the pros and cons of every possible option for a long term fix for our crumbling parking lot.  In the interest of providing a safe parking lot for people coming into our building this winter and locking in the price quotes that would surely increase next year, the board approved moving forward on this project.

The first week of August saw the beginning excavation needed to clear the storm water ditch adjacent to the route 10 right of way.  Swales, shallow grassy channels, will guide water from our parking lot toward the ditch and into the city storm water system.  This drainage solution is approximately $100,000 cheaper than the other option of running a drainage pipe to Jefferson.
There will be periods between now and completion in October when we will have a gravel parking lot, but we have been assured parking will be available to us on Sunday mornings throughout the construction process.  Please avoid contact with the heavy equipment and observe signs directing you to safe parking areas.

Reconstruction of the parking lot is the first step in the strategic plan adopted by the congregation at the October 2016 annual meeting.  In the process of discussing final approval of the parking lot proposal, board members made very clear that they are committed to proceeding with the second stage of the plan.  The second stage calls for an in depth analysis of the congregation’s building needs followed be a determination of whether the current building can meet our needs.

In addition, the Board approved a draft budget which incorporates the anticipated expenses of the ministerial search and relocation process, plus additional hours for our office professional which will enable her to provide more support to our ministry teams.  Additional staff support was requested by our ministry teams during our strategic planning process.  A 2019 budget incorporating the results of our stewardship campaign will be presented to the congregation for approval at the October annual meeting.

The next Fellowship Board meeting will be on August 28 from 7-8:30 pm.  All board meetings are open to any member of the Fellowship.

Faithfully yours, Sara Clavez, President

Upcoming Board Meeting

Next Board Meeting will be held Tuesday, July 24 at the Fellowship.  The primary agenda items will be review of the 2019 budget proposal and 12 month assessment of our interim ministry.

All board meetings are open to any member of the congregation.  If there is something you think the board should consider, please contact Sara Clavez, President, 989-687-7003 or no later than the Sunday before the meeting.  If you plan to attend in July or August please contact Sara ahead of time in case the meeting location is moved to beat the heat.